The Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka and the Kingdom of Thailand have traditionally shared strong relations firmly established on age-old religious ties. Historically, Theravada Buddhism was introduced to Thailand from Sri Lanka centuries ago. Subsequently during the colonial period, when the foundation of Sri Lanka’s Buddhist priesthood was threatened, it was from the land of Siam, that the third noble gem – the Sanga in Sri Lanka was revived. The exchanges between the venerable priesthood of the two countries have consistently remained strong. This foundation of Buddhism is rooted in the daily life of the Sri Lankan and Thai peoples and therefore has also fashioned the cultures. The establishment of diplomatic relations with the Kingdom of Thailand in 1955, formalized the long standing, mutually beneficial friendship.


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With a strong tradition of Theravada Buddhism and having been visited by Lord Buddha three times, Sri Lanka boasts of many hallowed places of Buddhist worship, cultural sites and festivals which are a must visit for spiritual travellers.

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Economic growth in Sri Lanka has been among the fastest in South Asia in recent years, and the country’s
human development indicators are also impressive by regional and lower middle income standards. This growth signifies the opportunities awaiting Thai investors in the booming economy of Sri Lanka, which is recording a growth rate of 7%

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