Search for players outside Sri Lanka who excel in sports!

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Sri Lanka’s participation at International Sports Tournaments/Games/Championships: The Ministry of Sports is in the process of finalizing the players, both men and women, for National pools of respective sports. For nominations – please forward the details to the Sri Lanka Mission in Bangkok to be forwarded to the Ministry of Sports! ¬†Learn more  

Assigning a focal point for interaction with the Sri Lanka Community in Thailand

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It may be informed that the following officer of the Sri Lanka Embassy in Bangkok has been assigned as the focal point for interaction with the Sri Lankan community in Thailand. Mahesha Jayawardana Second Secretary Tel: 022611939 Email: OR  

Announcement: Dual Citizenship services

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The Department of Immigration & Emigration of Sri Lanka has not appointed any agent or representative to handle dual citizenship applications in whatsoever manner. Further, the Department of Immigration & Emigration shall not assume any responsibility of the applicants engaging in irregular practices with unauthorized persons/agencies said to be involved in the process