Intellectual Property office will take action to open a GI Registry

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Sri Lanka is the leading exporter of true cinnamon to the world and holds 80% of the world market share for true cinnamon. Exporters of Ceylon Cinnamon to the world market, especially the European Union and North American markets, have to face with the competition arises from cheaper substitute namely cassia and hence necessity has been arisen to differentiate true

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News From Sri Lanka Railways

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Procurement of 5,000 Nos. EN 45E1 Rails (45 feet) to Sri Lanka Railways More Details :Sri Lanka Railways Bid Closing Date 23  April 2018

Sri Lanka Ports Authority

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Sri Lanka Ports Authority invites BIDs for 14 Nos of Terminal Tractors Closing Date : 12.03.2018 Invitation for Bids Notice:Sri Lanka Ports Authority 14.02.2018

Sale of Heavy Mineral Sands

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Lanka Mineral Sands Limited  calls invitations of BIDs for the sale of Heavy Mineral Sands Closing Date of BIDs: 06.03.2018 Tender Notice :Sale of Heavy Mineral Sands 14.02.2018

Lanka Mineral Sands – Tender Notices

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Lanka Mineral Sands Limited has called sealed bids for selling Dry Ilmenite available at the Factory in Pulmoddai of Sri Lanka. 1.Tender Notice  LMS/MKT/TDR/18/01 , Closing Date: 16.02.2018 LMS/MKT/TDR/18/01 Lanka Mineral Sands Limited 1. 29.01.2018 2.Tender Notice LMS/MKT/TDR/18/02 Closing Date:23.02.2018 LMS/MKT/TDR/18/02 Lanka Mineral Sands Limited 2. 29.01.2018

Sri Lanka Railways- Purchase of Curved Switches

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Procurement for the Purchase of Curved Switches ( Rail Section 60 E1/60 Kg – 1676 mm Track Gauge) – SRS/F.7445 Procurement Notice:Railways Procurement 2 29.01.2018 Closing Date: 09.02.2018  

Sri Lanka Railways – The Supply of 15 Nos. Container Carrier Wagons

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Procurement for the supply of 15 Nos. container carrier wagons with extra 06 units of brake system components to Sri Lanka Railways through the contract with Prima Ceylon (private) Limited – Procurement No. SRS/F.7564 Procurement Notice: Railways Procurement 1 29.01.2018 Last Issuing Date of the Documents: 04.04.2018 Closing Date of Bids: 05.04.2018    

Sri Lanka Ports Authority – Bidding Notices

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Sri Lanka Ports Authority Calls Bids for  Enhancing Deep Birth Capacity of Jaya Container Terminal ( JCT)-V project- Civil Work Component and Procurement of Container Handling Equipment- Procurement of 03 Nos. Ship to Shore Cranes.   Sri Lanka Ports Authority 18.01.2018 Closing Date: 20.03.2018 Bidding Document Sri Lanka Ports Authority 18.01.2018 Closing Date:22.02. 2018  

Request for Proposals – Airport Hotel at BIA Katunayake

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Airport & Aviation Services (SL) Ltd, the government owned company managing Bandaranaike International Airport ( BIA) Katunayake – Sri Lanka  under the purview of  the Ministry of Transport & Civil Aviation is requesting for proposal for establishment and operation of an airport hotel at BIA, Sri Lanka. Closing Date: 25th January 2018 MINISTRY OF TRANSPORT AND CIVIL AVIATION – Request

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