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Donations for Flood Relief Initiatives

The General Treasury of Sri Lanka has opened a bank account at the Central Bank of Sri Lanka in the name of “DST’s Disaster Relief Fund” to collect donations remitted through five foreign currency bank accounts maintained at Sampath Bank of Sri Lanka.

Those who wish to make their donations in foreign currencies may remit their donations to one of the following accounts maintained at Sampath Bank of Sri Lanka


Type of Foreign Currency Bank Account Number
1 United States Dollar         USD 502960002000
2 United Kingdom Pound     GBP 502961002000
3 Japanese Yen                  JPY 502964002000
4 Australian Dollar              AUD 502966002000
5 Euro                               EUR 502969002000

In addition, following information regarding the said cash donations should be provided to the respective bank by the donor.

  1. Name of the Donor              :
  2. Address of the Donor           :
  3. Account name                      :         Disaster Relief Fund – DST
  4. Beneficiary                            :         Government of Sri Lanka
  5. Sampath Bank SWIFT Code :         BSAMLKLX