Expression of Interest for East Container Terminal at the Port of Colombo

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Government of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka

Ministry of Ports and Shipping

Sri Lanka Ports Authority

Invitation for Expression of Interest for Prequalification to Bid for the

Development of East ContainerTerminal of Colombo Port


  1. The Sri Lanka Ports Authority (SLPA) of the Ministry of Ports and Shipping (Ministry) of the Government of Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka (GOSL) has been established by Sri Lanka Ports Authority Act No.51 of 1979 as amended to develop, maintain, operate and provide port and other services in the Port of Colombo (Port) and other cargo handling sea ports of Sri Lanka. The Port is a prominent container port on the east west sea route in South Asia. There are four container terminals in this Port, with two terminals operated by SLPA and two others developed and operated by private terminal operators on BOT concessions. The SLPA intends to award a BOT concession for the East Container Terminal (ECT) of the Port and this Invitation of Expression of Interest (EOI) is the pre-qualification stage and is the first step in the process leading to the selection of a Concessionaire for the award of a BOT Concession.


  1. The ECT in its present form has a 440m long 18m deep quay wall, a 20 ha yard area and connected facilities developed by the SLPA. The Concessionaire has the advantage of deploying container handling equipment upfront and operating existing facility while developing the rest of the terminal. It is the expectation of SLPA that the Concessionaire will commence ECT operations in the shortest possible time and develop it into a fully-fledged terminal facility with equipment and systems run on state of art technology. It is also expected that the Concessionaire will have the market access to acquire additional transhipment container volumes, apart from handling organic volume growth. The ECT will be managed and operated as a common-user/open access terminal.


  1. Asian Development Bank has been appointed to provide transaction advisory services in the process of selection of a Concessionaire.


  1. The Chairman, Cabinet Appointed Negotiations Committee (CANC) of the Ministry hereby invites sealed applications from interested parties for prequalification to submit proposals and receipt of award of BOT concession. Selection of pre-qualified applicants will be subject to a process of evaluation. The criteria for pre-qualification are described in detail in the Invitation for EOI document, a sample copy of which is available at the office of Chief Engineer (Planning and Development), Sri Lanka Ports Authority (See Note I below). Interested parties may refer the sample copy between 1000 and 1500 on any working day.


  1. The complete set of Invitation for EOI Documents may be purchased by any interested party upon submission of a written application to the address in Note 2 below and upon payment of a non-refundable fee of United States Dollars One Thousand (US$ 1000) during the period defined below.


  1. The Schedule of EOI process is programmed as follows;


  Event Date and time


a. Issue of Invitation for EOI document From 06 June, 2016, 1000 hrs to 21 July, 2016, 1200 hrs


Note – I
b. Pre-EOI meeting 29 June 2016, 1400 hrs


Note – I
c. Last Date for Interested Parties to Apply for Clarification of Invitation for EOI Documents


06 July, 2016


d. Last Date for CANC to issue Clarifications to Invitation for EOI Documents


15 July, 2016
e. Deadline for Submission of EOIs


21 July, 2016, 1400 hrs Note – 2
f. Opening of EOIs 21 July, 2016, 1430 hrs Note – 2


Chief Engineer (Planning and Development) Sri Lanka Ports Authority

45, Leyden Bastian Road, Colombo 1, Sri Lanka

Tel. No. +94(0) 112483456, Fax No. +94(0) 112323055, Email address:


Ministry of Ports and Shipping, 19, Chaithya Road, Colombo 1, Sri Lanka

  1. Neither the CANC nor the SLPA will be responsible for any costs or expenses incurred by the Interested Parties in connection with the preparation and submission of EOIs.



Cabinet Appointed Negotiating Committee

Ministry of Ports and Shipping

06 June 2016