King Coconut – the life giving fluid from Sri Lanka

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King Coconut – the life giving fluid from Sri Lanka

King Coconut is a particular variety of coconut that is native to the tropical island of Sri Lanka. There are two types of king coconut grown on the island, which are red and the other yellow. This palm is ubiquitous. It commonly grows in the coastal areas, mostly without any human intervention. The king coconut water is sweeter in flavor and softer in texture than the green coconut water.


The nutritional values of king coconut are immense: it is a source of carbohydrates, Vitamin E, Vitamin B complex, iron, calcium, phosphorous, soluble fibre, protein, fat. It also has enzymes that help in digestion and metabolism. It is a remedy for many ailments relating to impurities in the system, kidney disorders, urinary ailments, kidney stones, diarrhoea, rashes, prickly heat and summer boils.


It is also considered a sports drink as it replaces the fluids and minerals such as potassium that the body loses during exercise. Although it is sweet in taste, it is recommended for diabetic patients as its sugar content is low. King coconut also helps to control weight.


Due to high global demand, Sri Lanka packages king coconut in bottles and tetra packs for export. It is unique among natural drinks and is sought by the health conscious consumers as it purifies and refreshes the body.


Entrepreneurs who wish to joint venture with a Sri Lankan company in packaging King Coconut water may wish to contact the First Secretary (Commercial) of this Embassy to pursue this end.