Ministry of Petroleum Resources Development – Ceylon Petroleum Corporation – Calling Expression of Interest (EOD) for Replacement of Main Crude Distiller Column and Diesel Hydrotreater (07 Units) Reactor, and Replacement of existing Platformer unit with a Continuous Catalyst Regenration (CCR) type Reformer

admin/ April 24, 2017/ /

Chairman, Cabinet appointed Procurement Committee (CAPC) on behalf of the Petroleum Corporation has decided to invite eligible process licensers of reformer process unit to express their interest in providing the services to carry out a Front End Engineering Design (FEED) for a new Continuous Catalyst Regeneration (CCR) type reforemer unit for producing high Octane Gasoline from heavy naphtha feed stock to be installed at Sapugaskanda oil Refinery of Ceylon Petroleum Corporation (CPC). Further, the same party is expected to carry out FEED studies for revamping of the existing Crude Distiller and Gas Oil Hydrotreater units at the Refinery to increase their capacities.

Please find the procurement notice here EOI