admin/ October 17, 2018/

Publishing Procurement Notice of Sri Lankan Airlines Internationally

The Sri Lankan Airlines has called for International Competitive Bids for the following
(The soft copy of the bid notice is emailed herewith).

1) Invitation for submission of bids for supply of Mioxed Nuts to complement Business Class bar service-Ref.No:201830966
2)Invitation for submission of bids for Provisioning of an Advanced Pricing Management Soloution for Sri Lankan Airlines – Ref.No:CPITICB-052018
3)Invitation for submission of bids for Provisioning of a Fully Automated System to Handle Holiday Packages-Ref.No:CPITICB-062018

It would be appreciated if you could make necessary arrangements to provide adequate publicity for the above bid notice among the interested parties in the respective country/countries of your accreditation and also update the website of the mission / post, accordingly.

Further information in this regard could be obtained from the Commercial Procurement Exeutive (Commercial Procurement) of Sri Lankan Airlines Ltd via Telephone +94197331845 or Mobile No.+94710211845 and E-Mail :