Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau (SLTPB) at the Thai International Travel Fair (TITF) 2016

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Group photoSri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau (SLTPB) launched its concerted drive to promote tourism to Sri Lanka from Thailand at the Thai International Travel Fair (TITF) 2016, which began on Wednesday, 17th February 2016. Recognising the untapped potential in the Thai tourism market for Sri Lanka, and in a bid to sensitize travelers from Thailand on Sri Lanka, SLTPB has taken the historic first step by attending this Fair, supported by Sri Lankan Airlines.

TITF is regarded as Thailand’s largest outbound fair, and is organised by the Association of Thai Travel Agents (ATTA) and supported by the Tourism Authority of Thailand. With over 400 booths from Thai and foreign governments and private travel agencies, the fair in the past has attracted more than 800,000 visitors, and this number is expected to be surpassed this year.

The inaugural booth of SLTPB at the TITF was ceremonially declared open by Sri Lanka’s Ambassador to Thailand Kshenuka Senewiratne and Mr. Suparerk Soorangura, President of the ATTA by the lighting of the traditional oil lamp. The brochures, decorations and videos displayed at the booth were all geared towards reminding the Thai people of the deep rooted, shared historic and religious connections between the countries.

Combined with the vibrant performances of the traditional dance troupe from the Western Province Aesthetic Resort, the dynamic unveiling of the Sri Lanka Tourism booth drew the interest and attention of the crowds gathered.

This event was preceded by the ceremonial opening of the Sri Lankan Airlines booth by the Ambassador, President of the ATTA and Mr. Jayantha Abeysinghe, Manager, Sri Lankan Airlines (Thailand and Mekong region). Sri Lankan Airlines is paticipating at the TITF for the 3rd consecutive year.

SLTPB’s launch into the Thai travel market is also supported by the active participation of six Sri Lankan travel companies, who have travelled from Sri Lanka to derive advantage from the tremendous marketing opportunities this Fair offers.

A reception for members of the travel & hospitality trade from Sri Lanka and Thailand is also scheduled to take place on the evening of 18th February 2016, on the sidelines of the TITF 2016 to allow for closer business to business meetings and the creation of partnerships between interested parties of the two countries. It is a platform for tour operators of the Sri Lankan community in Thailand to create closer contacts with the Sri Lankan travel and hospitality trade. The event will continue to be covered by the Thai local media.

The traditional dance troupe from the Western Province Aesthetic Resort will also perform at the 10th “Rhythm of the Earth World Musiq Festival” 2016, which is concurrently being held at the Central World Bangkok, drawing thousands of visitors during its five day run. This is an instance of cultural cooperation between Sri Lanka and Thailand.

These events were initiated and supported by Sri Lanka Embassy in Thailand as part of the concerted effort to raise awareness of Sri Lanka’s culture and tourist attractions in Thailand, with special focus on Buddhist circuit tourism, pursuant to the proposals made during the Official Presidential visit to Thailand in November 2015.

Sri Lanka Embassy
18 February 2016