One of the parties to the marriage should be a Sri Lankan Citizen and should give Notice of Marriage to the Embassy. (Forms are available at the Embassy).

The marriage may be registered in the Embassy after a lapse of twelve (12) working days from the date of receipt of the Notice of Marriage and within three (03) months from such date.

Valid passports of both parties should be produced.

Two (02) witnesses with photo identification documents should also be present.

Documents marry service
1. Documents for Sri Lankans marry use to contact the Embassy of Sri Lanka in Thailand
2. Application form (need to enter the embassy).
3. Affidavit unmarried (original) From Sri Lanka – Bride / Groom
4. Document Birth certificate. (original) – Bride / Groom
5. Sri Lanka ID card. (original) Bride / Groom
6. Passport (original) – Bride / Groom / Two witnesses
7. Copy of passport. / Visa page /- Bride / Groom / Two witnesses
8. Service charge Notice of Marriage 660.00 Baht and Registration of Marriages 1089.00 Baht

For further details please contact the Consular Division of this Embassy.

This Embassy is not responsible for any document lost in the post.
Submission of forged documents and making false declarations relating to citizenship is a punishable offence. Fees will not be refunded in these circumstances.
Incomplete applications will be rejected