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Certified Document service
Attestation of Document – Document from Sri Lanka
1. Sri Lanka ID card. / Copy of Sri Lanka ID card.
2. Passport (original) / Copy of passport. / Visa page
3. The documents to be used in the certification
(Document must be certified by Sri Lanka Consulate from Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Sri Lanka Prior to certification from the Sri Lankan embassy in Thailand.)
The expiry date of the document not less than six months.

Affidavit & Letter from Embassy
1. Sri Lanka ID card. / Copy of Sri Lanka ID card.
2. passport (original) / Copy of passport. / Visa page
3. Work permits (original) / Copy work permits / Copy Page updating work permits
Attestation of Document for Sri Lankan working in Thailand they need Latter mention
from company

Attestation and Authentication of Certificates

Caveat  660.00 Baht
Attestation of Procurements as a Justice of Peace  1,650.00 Baht
Swearing or Affirming an Affidavit  1,650.00 Baht
Administering an oath or affirmation  1,650.00 Baht
Attestation of Power of Attorney or Proxy  1,650.00 Baht