Foreign Ministry Launches 'Contact Sri Lanka'- Online Portal for Overseas Sri Lankans in Collaboration With ICTA

Connect to ‘Contact Sri Lanka’ online portal

The Ministry of Foreign Relations jointly with the Information & Communication Technology Agency of Sri Lanka (ICTA) has launched an online portal ‘Contact Sri Lanka’, on 26 March 2020, for the benefit of Overseas Sri Lankans. The web link is hosted on the Ministry web page and also can be directly accessed at

Through this initial phase, all Sri Lankans living abroad are invited to register voluntarily on the platform’s basic functionalities by creating a profile using any existing email login. The information furnished will be protected for privacy and confidentiality, and will allow the Ministry to act as an online help desk. Registering online in the web portal will also allow the Ministry to reach out and provide assistance during emergencies such as the COVID19 outbreak. This Portal will connect Overseas Sri Lankans with stakeholders in Sri Lanka and the network of Sri Lanka Missions abroad.

In the long term, the Portal is expected to serve as an official source of information and will facilitate Overseas Sri Lankans to obtain services offered by the Government. In the meantime, the Embassy will continue to maintain/protect your details already gathered, strictly following the principles of privacy and confidentiality, to keep you updated on all important messages and arrangements for possible assistance during this COVID 19 outbreak.

Please check Mission website as well.

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