CEYLON TEA with a history of 150 years is renowned all over the world for its quality. The brand “Ceylon Tea” invokes sensations of quality, aroma and a variety of flavours among discerning tea drinkers, the world over. Sri Lanka, the largest tea producing country in the world, enjoys a 9% share of global tea production, and accounts for 19% of the global exports.

GARMENTS is the largest contributor to the export revenue of Sri Lanka. The industry upholds ethical practices, thus being known to the world as a producer of “Garments Without Guilt”. “Children have no business in our business” is just one of the principles governing Sri Lanka Apparel’s industry ethos. The others include providing a better quality of life to the workers through rural poverty alleviation, women’s empowerment, education and initiatives to minimize damage to the environment.

Sri Lanka possesses an impressive partnership portfolio including Marks & Spencer, Victoria’s Secret, Gap, Levis, Next, Triumph, Reebok, Tommy Hilfiger, etc. Sri Lanka also enjoys the best of technology in the garment industry, including the world’s first eco-friendly “Green garment factory”.

GEMS AND JEWELLERY Sri Lanka has long been known as the cradle of treasures for its precious, natural gemstones. The Country is blessed with over 150 varieties of blue, pink, yellow and golden sapphires, rubies, padmaradchas (padmaraga sapphire), star sapphires, star rubies, alexandrite, cat’s eyes, spinels, aquamarines, topaz, and a variety of other rare stones in addition to offering high quality hallmarked jewellery collections of silver, gold & platinum.

IT & BPO SERVICES Software testing, banking, financial, insurance and mobile application developments are some of the ICT products/ services that are offered by Sri Lanka firms. In the BPO/KPO sector, Sri Lanka based companies offer services such as financial and accounting outsourcing, legal and engineering process outsourcing among others. In addition to above Professional Services sector in Sri Lanka offers services such as construction related services.

PROCESSED FOOD & INGREDIENTS industry in Sri Lanka is well equipped to meet internationally accepted standards of quality and food safety requirements. Gherkin in brine is the major processed food product exported to Japan from Sri Lanka. Dried and roasted cashew, dehydrated fruits, desiccated coconut, coconut milk powder & paste, virgin coconut oil, biscuits and confectionaries and salt in consumer packs are other major products exported from Sri Lanka to the international market.

FISH & FISHERY Sri Lanka is a leading exporter of quality yellow fin and skipjack tuna in the Asian Region. Fresh & chilled sashimi quality tuna is mainly exported to Japan. Sri Lanka also exports other seafood products such as prawns and lobsters which are delicacies in the Japanese market. The quality and taste of the fish in the territorial waters of Sri Lanka are unique and command premium market prices.

FRESG FRYUTS & VEGETABLES Sri Lankan pineapple is famous for its unique taste. Mango, papaya banana and a variety of vegetables are exported in considerable quantities. Improved techniques of crop cultivation, post harvest handling, packaging and transportation methods are employed in export marketing. Sri Lanka has obtained the clearance to export banana in fresh form to Japan.

RUBBER PRODUCTS Sri Lanka is a producer of high quality natural rubber, including the famous crepe rubber used in types and tubes. Floor coverings, gloves, auto industrial components and household items are also manufactured for export. Industrial tyres, latex based products and solid tyres are other reputed items exported from Sri Lanka.

COIR PRODUCTS Sri Lanka’s coir industry is built on its extensive experience of over a century with fibre production and marketing. Coir fibre is very strong due to its natural build in comparison with sisal and jute fibre. Coir fibre based products such as coir twine, geo textile, coco peat, and rubberized coir products are used in the horticulture industry. Geo textile, a renewable environment friendly, low cost soil conditioner is also exported. Various types of brushes for hotels, industrial and domestic use are also exported from Sri Lanka.

CERAMIC & PORCELAIN Sri Lanka offers a wide range of exquisite tableware, ornamental ware & floor tiles, with the abundant base of raw materials, guaranteeing uninterrupted supply of quality products. The design confidentiality, the rage of body shape, high level of whiteness and the translucency are the customer winning characteristics of our products.

Some Sri Lankan products are sold at leading department stores such as Macys, EI Corte Ingles and Isetan. Sri Lankan companies manufacture under license for Walt Disney, Warner Brothers and Wal-Mart. World famous brands manufactured in Sri Lanka are Dankotuwa, Elan and Noritake. PLASTIC PRODUCTS The industry processes commodity plastics and engineering plastics using modern technologies. The two main plastic processing methods of extrusion and injection are both available in Sri Lanka. Laminating, printing, weaving and thermo foaming sub processes are also used by Sri Lankan industrialists. Export products include micro components for the automotive industry, and packaging materials for export industries such as garment, food processing and jewellery.

ELECTRONICS The Sri Lankan electronics industry has diversified into many areas such as production of components for computer peripherals, assembly of computers, manufacture of consumer electronics. The industry has also successfully exploited niche market opportunities on a platform of specialized technical knowledge with efficient hand-eye co-ordination.

Floriculture Sri Lanka is endowed with diverse climatic conditions due to her varied terrain, enabling her to develop floriculture products ranging from tropical to temperate. Sri Lanka produces a bounty of exportable cut flowers, live plants & decorative foliage species. Indoor plant varieties such as Draceana, Cordyline, Agalonema, Codiaeum, Ficus, Livistonia, Polycias, Ixora & Epipremnum are exported from Sri Lanka. In addition, Chrysanthemums, Lilies, Anthuriums & Heliconia are also grown for export.

ORNAMENTAL FISH AND INVERTEBRATES from Sri Lanka are collected by experienced scuba divers from the waters around the island. The more colourful and striking freshwater species such as guppies, swordtails, platys, barbs, tetras, angels, gouramies, catfishes are bred in captivity adhering to high quality standards. The famous fancy guppies from Sri Lanka fetch a high price for their strength and high diversity. Japan is one of the leading markets for medium size guppies.

SPICES Sri Lanka has long been famous the world over for her range of spices such as pepper, cardamoms, cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves. Sri Lanka is the world’s largest producer & exporter of Cinnamon. Cinnamomum Zeylanicum which is indigenous to Sri Lanka, produces the highest grade cinnamon in the world market. Cinnamon is used for many purposes such as medicine, spice, perfumery material & drinks.

HERBAL HEALTHCARE The fast growing beauty and cosmetic industry has led Sri Lankan companies to explore products according to customer requirements. Natural herbs form the main ingredients of Ayurvedic medicines including black seeds. A wide range of Ayurvedic herbal skin creams, facial scrubs, lotions, moisturizers, lip & make-up preparations, shampoos, personal deodorants and anti-perspirants, perfumed bath salts and other bath preparations are exported. GIFTWARE Sri Lanka offers the world an exclusive range of products including soft & wooden toys, arts & crafts, household items, handloom products, porcelain figurines, wellness & spa products. The diversified raw material base includes stone, clay, textile, wood, rush & reed, recycled paper, leather and metal. Elephant dung, water hyacinth, banana fibre, tea refuse, paddy husk and wild grass are a few of the eco-friendly materials used in recycled paper. Products conform to international standards such as EN 71, ASTM and CE marking.

FOOTWEAR & LEATHER PRODUCTS Sri Lanka produces a diverse range of modern shoes such as canvass and rubber boots, thongs, sports & leather shoes etc. using a variety of raw materials. Sri Lanka produces for international brands, such as Marks & Spencer, Bata France, H.H. Browns, Clarks, Aerosols and Nike.

ACTIVATED CARBON is produced in Sri Lanka from coconut shell based charcoal which is not chemically treated and therefore, it ideally suits for use in food processing and the manufacture of pharmaceuticals. Activated carbon from Sri Lanka is used in a multitude of air, gas and liquid purifications, separation and recovery of precious metals from ores, chemical & paramedical industry and in water purification.