About our Visa Service :

With effect from 1st January 2012, all Holiday or Business travelers to Sri Lanka must have Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) for entering in to Sri Lanka. Please visit for more information.

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The Consular Service is the portal through which the Ministry of Foreign Relations provides consular assistance to the general public. Consular services to the public are provided under the terms of the Consular Functions Act No. 4 of 1981.

About our Consular Service :

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Notice for Travellers:

Travellerwho wish to visit Sri Lanka for a short holiday, a short business trip or to transit through, needs to apply and obtain an ELECTRONIC TRAVEL AUTHORIZATION (ETA) prior to arrival in Sri Lanka. For short-term visits limited up to 30 days travellers can apply online by themselves through or by physically submitting an application to the Sri Lanka Mission in the respective country.

Important Note:
Foreigners other than Thai nationals who want to apply for visa to visit Sri Lanka at the Embassy of Sri Lanka in Thailand necessarily must have a work visa or a residence visa in Thailand. Non - Thai nationals who are on tourist visa in Thailand can apply for a visa electronically at ETA ( Each visa applicant is required to pay non-refundable visa application fee and the fee may vary according to the citizenship and type of visa.

When applying visa ETA by yourself or by third parties payments should be made through the official web site and obtain acknowledgement of ETA application. Any payments made to other websites or agencies are not valid to process a valid ETA. Therefore, always ensure that the payments are made by accessing to the official website of Sri Lanka ETA in order to avoid making repayment at the port of entry to Sri Lanka.


Transit visa is not required if the transit is less than 48 hours in total.
Please visit for more information.

Visa fee
Important Notice

Payment Method
If the applicant applies via by physically submitting the application to the Embassy, he/she can pay by Cash.

Note: Credit/ATM/Debit cards AND personal or Company cheques will not be accepted.

If the applicant desires to pay by a Money order, Bank draft, direct bank transfer, please contact the Embassy for prior instructions.

Note: If the applicant sends Money orders, Bank Draft or directly credit money into the Embassy bank accounts, without prior instructions, the responsibility lies with the applicant for any loss/shortage or delay.

When an application is submitted via online, all online payments for applying visas for ETA MUST be made ONLY through the official website;

Fees will not be refunded under any circumstance, after issuance of an official receipt;

For visa fee: